St Francis Nursery and Primary School

Construction of a primary grade 5 classroom

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Background to the school and proposal

The San Francis Nursery and Primary School in Masese slum, reaches out to the most vulnerable children. The school provides children basic education, fostering their social integration into the Ugandan society and enabling their parents to focus on income* generation. Moreover, the school has a medical dispensary and provides the children a daily meal.

Today, we have three nursery classrooms and four primary classrooms welcoming over 380 children. RND covers all costs including the construction of the classrooms, provision of school uniforms and shoes to the new entrants and payment of teachers’ salaries.

As of today, San Francis School welcomes children from the age of three (Nursery level) up to nine-ten years (Primary 4 level). However, in order to ensure the continuity of education at least until the children finish primary school (i.e. reach Primary7) as well as guarantee the quality of education and a safe place to play, RND wishes to further develop the school. In this regard RND would like to propose H4H a partnership that will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of the children in Masese slums. The partnership could cover the following interventions that derive from our two priorities namely; ensuring the continuity of education and enhancing the children’s well being. Each intervention can be executed over a period of one year.

Construction of a Primary 5 classroom

Since the opening of the primary section of the school in 2010, RND has been constructing an additional class every year to ensure continuity for the children initially enrolled in the nursery school with the hope of taking them through to Primary 7. RND is intimately aware of the dire circumstances that would befall the children if they suddenly left school due to the absence of the next class.

Construction of additional latrines

The increase in the number of pupils will bring along a need for additional latrines in order to comply with the government regulation that requires a toilet for every 50 children. Therefore, in 2015 RND plans to build an additional latrine with the new Primary 5 class.

Construction of a Primary 6 classroom

Construction of a safety wall

The school currently has a temporary wire fence whose segments have been eroded or stolen over the years. Unfortunately, this allows the public, but worse, vehicles and cattle, to frequently trespass school grounds, endangering the children. Therefore, one of our priorities is to construct a permanent perimeter wall-fence around the school to create a safer environment for the children.

Construction of a Primary 7 classroom

Leveling and landscaping of the playground

Due to the poor drainage systems in the Masese area, the playground of San Francis suffers from soil erosion creating a risk for the children. Therefore, RND wishes to build drainages, level the playground and plant grass to improve the safety as well as the appearance of the school. As part of this project, RND further envisages, sports facilities such as nets and planting trees to create shade.

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  • October 2015
  • January 2016
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  • February 2018



P5 classroom is almost finished.

P5 classroom is almost finished and the workers are having fun!



RER in Geneva

The popular race RER in Geneva sponsored Help-for-Hope and its project in Uganda. Runners were enthusiastic to run for St. Francis School!


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Kids enjoying their new classroom

Kids enjoying their new classroom


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Almost ready to open

P6 classroom almost ready to open


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Thank You

Thank you for your support.


We did some great work on the planning of San Francis, amongst which a 3D architectural video. Thanks to your support we could look forward and plan better