Land and building Proposal Indreni children home Nayapati-5, Sundarijal

Indreni Children’s Home is a non-profit organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It focuses on providing street children and children in precarious situations with a home, an education curriculum and health services.

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Indreni started operations in 2000, and was formally incorporated in 2008. It was established and is led by Ramhari Khadka (Ram). Ram was a street child himself and a child carpet-factory worker, before becoming a sherpa for international clients on expeditions to Nepal.

Ram never forgot where he came from. And he had a dream: to bring change to society by providing poor and needy children good shelter, food and education with a high degree of parental care in a family environment, with care and discipline, irrespective of a child’s birth, cast, sex, religion, background and nationality. He saw this as a fundamental element to bring big and positive change to society, to social structure, to nation and to the world. His ultimate aim was to envisage a better society and dignified lives for all. Ram started working for another NGO, Rokpa, which is dedicated to helping children in need in Kathmandu. With Rokpa, he learned the ropes of providing comprehensive and effective care for children in need. The dream of launching an initiative of his own remained, and already from 2000 he started to help street children on his own.

Today, his own NGO Indreni has two homes for a total of 50 children in need. 50% of these children have been street children, and 50% come from poor backgrounds, often with parents who are alcoholic or in prostitution. The children come from 15 different states in Nepal.

Both of these homes are rented. In September 2013 Ram received notice that the owner of the smaller home, where 20 children live, wanted to move in with his own children. Ram sold his own land and used his savings to buy land and start construction of a new home for these 20 children. He targets help from the local Rotary to complete this project. The move needs to be complete by September 2015.

At the same time, the State is planning a twolane main road in front of the second home sheltering 30 children, which from a safety stand-point makes it untenable to keep a children’s shelter in that place. In addition, land prices are on the rise, which puts upward pressure on home rentals. NGOs are charged a 10% tax rate on leases, whilst NGOs owning their own infrastructures are exempt of taxes. And last but not least, education provided by NGOs with leased premises can achieve a maximum rating of “B”, with “A” ratings reserved for NGOs with their own premises. Today, the quality of Indreni’s education is considered to be amongst the most advanced in the country, however for the above reasons it only achieves a “B” rating.

Hence: safety, sustainability and classification reasons make it an imperative to look for alternative, fully owned premises for the second home sheltering 30 children.

Indreni’s vision is to keep a maximum of 50 children in its two homes, to ensure the best individual attention and care. More children are to be helped through community outreach programs. One home is to be dedicated to young girls, and one home to young boys (currently homes are mixed). The two homes are to be on adjacent land. Currently, there is still free land next to the land already bought for the 20-children home.

Last but not least, Help-for-Hope has worked with Indreni for the past 5 years. All projects sponsored have produced impeccable results. The reporting has been reliable, and Indreni’s approach truly innovative, especially in the sphere of education. Ram and Indreni have the character and potential to be best practice also for other NGOs Help-for-Hope is involved with (eg vocational training, holistic care, etc).


“Indreni children’s home has now 30 children from various districts of Nepal who were in desperate need of help. Indreni is working with full dedication and responsibility to help them overcome all the problems seen and found during visiting their villages which involves many days journey by foot. With Indreni management team, a 4 storied building is currently rented and shelters 18 girls and 12 boys.

They are between the ages of 5 to 15 years. With basic utensils, the house is well run by a dedicated team of staff who themselves lacked employment and are in need of one. The house is situated on the suburbs of Kathmandu in Sundarijal, far from the hustle and bustle and polluted city. It has a big compound where the children can play and do various physical and extracurricular activities aiding in the growth of the children.

The home is small but provides holistic care to these children, something they always wished for.


Identify the poor and less privileged children deprived of good education because of extreme poverty and fraud of being sheet children, child labors, pick picketers and criminals for survival. We provide them with an equal opportunity. Provide abandoned children with a complete family home for shelter, care and love for their systematic growth, both physical and mental.

  • Enrolling them in good schools in Kathmandu for their overall educational development.
  • Interconnecting socially responsible people to these needy children.
  • Mobilization of youth in running the organization so that they become more sensitive and socially responsible.
  • Providing a platform to grow their personality.
  • Supporting rural Government schools by providing them with furniture, books and stationaries.

Problem Analysis

Indreni children home had rented land from the establishment of this house. We paid about 600’000NPR (6’000CHF) per year and tax also. Now Indreni is running in the 6th year so we have paid about 36’000CHF up to now. On the other side, Nepal government is increasing the size of the road and now the road will occupy some of the rented land of the Indreni home. The road will be so near to the home that it will be insecure for the children. Security issues, and the increasing cost of land and house rentals every year, represent a major issues for Indreni.

If we have our own land and building we could save an important amount of money and use it either for improving conditions for the children in our home, or for helping other children from the countryside who are in need of help through outreach programs.

More specifically, the amount we paid for the land rent could save 6 street children who are addicted to sniff glue, or help 100 student from the countryside who are willing to study. So the main problem is that we don’t have our own land and building, while paying very high house rent.

Our intention is to have our own land and building so that we can guarantee sustainable care for our children. In addition, government could grant our school an A grade because Indreni is one of the best children homes in the Kathmandu valley. For the moment we are ranked B grade due to the fact that we don’t have our own land and building. And last but not least, if we have our own house as NGO we won’t have to pay any taxes anymore.

Program implementation

Our current lease agreement is going to end on January 28, 2016. Instead of renting another premise, buying land for Indreni and start building our own home for Indreni children would allow us to build an infrastructure that is safe and will provide family environment to the children for years to come. To buy the land, first we have to make a contract paper and buy the land in the name of Ramhari Khadka (authorized person from Indreni children home) because buying land in the name of an NGO, such as Indreni children home, is a very long and arduous process. After completing the project we will transfer the land to Indreni children home.

In order to start building the new home, we need to have an architectural plan, a survey by a government engineer and pay an amount of money for the area of house map. For the purpose of building the home we need to be in possession of the land. After the completing the full project, with land purchase and building of the home, Indreni children home will be the legal owner of the property.

Land: – 1 Ropani- 508.72sq.m -3645 sq. fit.

Evaluation and Monitoring

We the management team of Indreni will be fully responsible for all the work of building the home and for buying the land. Buying land and making building will be under the supervision of Indreni children home concerned person. Specifically, construction of the home will be under the direct supervision of one person of Indreni home.


After completion of the project, Indreni will prepare an overall report and hand it over to the concerned person/parties and organization who helped us in this project to make our dream come true. Indreni will inform and give interim updates of making building to the concerned person/organization. When the construction of the home will be complete, we will put a sign on the home in the name of the main sponsors who helped us complete the project.


“Indreni is working with full dedication and responsibility to help them overcome all the problems seen and found during visiting their villages.”