Who we are

Help for Hope is first and foremost… You! Your donations, your participations in events, your feedback, your ideas, your support. You make all the difference. On behalf of the many children who saw their lives transformed, and those who will have new opportunities because of your engagement, Thank you!

Our Founders

Monica Bissig-Gallegos

Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Monica has completed her higher-level school education in the US,...

Stephan Bissig

Born and raised in Bellinzona, Switzerland, Stephan graduated with a Masters in Economics from Unive...

Jenö C. A. Staehelin

Born in Basel, Switzerland, Jenö graduated with a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Berne, and an...

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Welcome to Help for Hope

You have probably been confronted, in one way or another, with images of children in distress.

May be you have personally witnessed the struggle of a child for a better future, a future coloured with hope. If these experiences have awakened in you a desire to help, I encourage you to read on.

During my various diplomatic postings around the world, I’ve seen at work a range of approaches geared at improving conditions of distressed children. They ranged from governmental programs to privately funded initiatives, multilateral undertakings, and projects led by Non-Governmental Organizations. All of these constituencies play an essential role in their own right, and it is my experience that powerful examples come from concerted efforts among these different approaches.

I have also witnessed that the difference is often made by individual people, people with a strong personal commitment to a cause. Chances of success are highest where people have the skills, but also a personal stake in the success of a project, through family ties, cultural affiliation, defining moments in life, or other. All the more so when personal commitment meets with projects that are specific, with clear outcomes and well defined accountabilities. In essence, this is what Help-for-Hope stands for: strong personal commitment to children and donors, and clear measurable outcomes.

It is you and me who can make a difference. We can give children a chance to live their dreams, no matter where they are born. They are our future, they are our hope. I’d be delighted if we could share this journey together, and I invite you to explore Help-for-Hope’s website for more information.

Thank you for your interest in Help-for-Hope.

Jenö C. A. Staehelin