Beyond the garden

Beyond the Garden (Oltre il Giardino in Italian) is a school built and managed by Moses Onlus, and Italian NGO, since 2010.

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The school is located in Tambon Lhoryung, in the Takuanthung district (Phang-Nga region, Thailand). The initiative, besides preventing child labour, fulfills the children’s right to get an education and aims to offers the children better life conditions.

The school currently hosts around 50 immigrant children, aged between 5 and 12, who would otherwise end up in child labour.

What kind of support does Moses offer?

The school provides basic education in Burmese and Thai language in English, History, Math, Science, Geography and Religion. The goal is to facilitate the children’s access to the Thai national school system.

The school, operates all year round to minimize drop out, also offers medical care, annual vaccinations and daily meals to the children. Moses, through the school, also offers consulting services and support to the children’s families.

Moses Mission

Re-build and maintain the school premises and sanitary areas, using materials in line with the local building traditions, such as wood and bamboo.

  • Provide daily meals for the students
  • Supply school material for students and teachers
  • Pay the salary for the teachers

Moses is also promoting the integration of the Burmese children within the Thai community by supporting their participation in religious and recreational events.

The presence of Moses operators on the territory allows for an on-going control of the quality of teaching and of the services described above. Moses also manages the bookkeeping to ensure a rational and efficient funding distribution.

The school’s activities are programmed on a weekly basis and are led by two Burmese and one Thai teacher.

The Problem

Currently classes are held in one of the teachers’ house, as the school was recently totally destroyed by the termites. This situation is putting the whole “Beyond the Garden” project at stake, as it is difficult for the children to regularly attend the classes.

Your contribution, made through Help-for-Hope, will help with the reconstruction of the school (with some radical adjustments in order to prevent future damages by the termites) and will therefore ensure that all the ancillary services offered through the school will continue to make a big difference in the lives of these Burmese children.

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Generous contributions

With your generous contributions 50 immigrant children will continue to go to school



Prevent child labor

Prevent child labor, fulfil children’s right to get an education and aim for a better future


Every single minute matters, every single child matters, every single childhood matters.

Keilash Satyarthi