Help-for-Hope met Anita in 2009, she was then a lively child who needed special education but her family couldn’t afford to place her in a special school.

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This is Anita a couple of years ago attending school, she has always been very studious and talented in sports. She was born with Down Syndrome and comes from a very poor family in Ecuador. She is the youngest of 7 children and her parents are alcoholics. Her mother died 3 years ago and the father has disappeared. Anita lives with two of her older sister in Quito whom take very good care of her.

Help-for-Hope met Anita in 2012, she was then a lively child who needed special education but her family couldn’t afford to place her in a special school. Anita was always very alert and loved to play, dance, and do sports. With the help of a generous donor Anita started a beautiful journey of well being through education, therapy and sports. She was enjoying life and really making great progress in her life.

Two year ago she was diagnosed with cancer and she has been battling this terrible disease ever since. Cancer has touched her brain, her stomach, her kidney and every week she undergoes chimio therapy. Help-for-Hope is helping her with the treatment, food, and medicines, since her older sister Gloria, has to take care of her 24 hours a day and can’t leave her alone and lost her job. The cancer treatment is for 3 years and hopefully after that she will be able to live a normal life again. When Anita is feeling well, she still enjoys to dance, to sing and to do crafts, but those days are rare. Treatment is very aggressive and her defenses are very low.

Help-for-Hope visits her every year in Quito and she is very thankful for all the support she receives, not only financially but also emotionally.

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Anita started her new school

Thanks to your support Anita started her new school where she receives personal care, and different therapies to help her develop.



Gloria takes care of Anita

Gloria is Anita’s older sister and they have a great relationship. Gloria takes care of Anita.



Anita has been developing very well

Anita has been developing very well, enjoying school. She loves sports and she is very good at running and long jump.


07.07.13 x

Diagnosed with cancer

Anita has suddenly been diagnosed with cancer and now is in treatment. The cure and recovery will be long and painful.


12.11.15 x

Anita turned 18

Anita turned 18, she is a brave girl. Her health is not stable yet and she is still receiving chemotherapy. But she is always positive and full of energy.


12.11.17 x

Happy 20th Birthday Anita

Happy 20th Birthday Anita, we are very proud of you. The fight is not over yet but you are getting there! Continue to be brave.


Thank you Help for Hope for your support and kindness, you lighten up our journey.”

Anita's sister