ABEI Foundation

The ABEI Foundation in Quito Ecuador has a children program, "Hogar Infantil" which aims to assist in full or partial recovery of economically disadvantaged children and adolescents with physical disabilities, hearing and intellectual problems, learning disorders and malnutrition and aims for social and school integration.

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ABEI provides specialized medical services,prevention campaigns, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. And also offers semi-boarding school, day care and training for their caregivers.

The range of action of ABEI is in the center and northwest part of the city of Quito, with an estimated population of 800,000 of which 30% are below the poverty line and 60% in poverty.

Help-for-Hope has helped the ABEI obtain their first encephalogram machine (see picture on the left), in order to provide service for a full diagnosis of children, youth and their families (2,000 children have already benefited from this service in 2011) , give prompt attention in neurology and pediatrics, and conduct two health campaigns for early detection and timely treatment of disabilities in the year 2011.

Total cost of project: USD 27,640.

  • June 2011
  • June 2011
  • October 2011


6.06.11 x

Equipment delivered

The equipment purchased has been delivered and installed to ABEI.



25 encephalograms done

In the first two weeks after installation , 25 encephalograms have been already done to children.



Help for Hope visits ABEI

Help for Hope visits ABEI and spends one day with children.


The Children's Program is emphasizing a comprehensive, timely and low-cost diagnosis of health situations of children and young people whose families, due to their economic condition, do not use specialists to attend to the problem of disability or dysfunction.”

President of ABEI