Alice and Camilla

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Our names are Alice and Camilla and we are 7 and 10 years old.

For our birthdays, for the last few years, we decided to donate money for charity. To raise the money, instead of receiving presents we asked our friends to donate money, that we would then give for charity.

We started this tradition when we were living in Thailand and noticed that not all the children were as lucky as we are. There are lots of children in the world that don’t have enough money to buy anything or go to school. This means that they might starve, are uneducated and do not have a chance for their future and this is unfair. Since we have everything we need, we decided that giving something to those children might be a generous and good action.

We chose “Help 4 Hope” because our dad suggested it. He knows the founders of the foundation and told us that 100% of the money goes to charity.

We hope that other children will help as we did!