Thriving amidst discrimination

Because of the stigma put on children infected with HIV, these innocent children are being bullied, isolated, and shut out of school. ​

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A will to strive and fight the stigma...

Vinh was infected with HIV when he was born. His father was HIV positive and affected his poor wife and baby, Vinh. Since then, the news spread quickly in the community that Vinh and his mother got HIV.


They were discriminated against and stigmatized by their neighbors and relatives. Vinh’s mother could not find a job, and Vinh was not allowed by the teachers and parents of other children to go to school.


Can’t stand the stigma and pressure, Vinh’s mother took Vinh back to her home village in a remote mountainous area of Quang Nam province to live.


VNHIP found Vinh in 2018 and helped him gain full access to medical care. VNHIP and with Help-for-Hope’s support, Vinh was provided a monthly nutrition allowance and educational opportunities.


Vinh is currently a 2nd-year student at the tour guide department of a vocational training college in Vietnam. He is now more confident in communicating, doing public speaking, and expressing himself.