Lives Touched By The Help For Life Project

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A chance encounter that changed a student's perspective in life...


We were at the Colegio Santo Agostinho SP doing a Tai Chi activity when one of the students approached us and expressed his feelings of disconnection and troubles with his own existence.


That instance opened an opportunity for us to extend some support to the student. He started to participate in our NGO, attended some psychological and psychiatric follow-ups, and today, he is much better connected with life and looking for ways to study abroad.

A light at the end of the tunnel...

During a Tai Chi activity at a college, one of the students was referred to us by the school coordinator. The child was seen to have serious signs of suicidal thoughts through the cuts on her arms, and her disconnected behavior.


Although the student did not show the desired effects through the psychological and psychiatric follow-ups we conducted, she was more connected during the Kung Fu activity. She, later on, joined the Art Therapy sessions that we offer and became more participative.


Today, the cuts stopped. She returned to studying and is eager to share her thoughts about her future.

A passion that was slowly dying...

After we conducted a lecture presented to parents, students, and teachers, we were approached by a teacher who shared with us his challenges, struggles, and hopelessness in teaching. His passion for teaching has turned into a burden and frustration, that even leads him to suicidal thoughts.


We extended some opportunities for him through the Help for Life activities. Later he sent a message that things had been very good and that he left his previous school.


He is now working at a different college and life is already making sense for him again.