TNK: 2 Day Care Centers

The place: Baseco

Slums where TNK is currently present: 9 day centers
, 7 in Navotas, 2 in Tondo

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Baseco Objective: 2 day centers

The TNK foundation is already present in some shantytowns on the edge of Manila Bay (Navotas and Tondo). For several months, however, our teams on the ground have witnessed disastrous living conditions in a new place: the slum of Baseco, further south. Given the urgency of the situation, the foundation wants to open new day centers to support these families who lack everything.

The TNK Foundation’s mission is to respond to this emergency by offering comprehensive support in terms of health, nutrition and education for children from 0 to 6 years old. The aim is to enable children to access healthy and nutritious food, appropriate medical care and integrate the school system to build their own future.

Field study: In order to measure needs on the slum, the foundation began to carry out proximity surveys. Our educators and community workers go from family to family with a detailed questionnaire and the volunteer nurse of the foundation carries out a first check-up of the children.

The slum of Baseco being divided into several neighborhoods, we have already collected data from the neighborhood “Black 1”

Baseco, “Black 1”: children from 0 to 6 years old

Number of families met: 184

Number of children surveyed (between 0 and 6 years old): 232

  • less than a year old: 34
  • 1 year old: 31
  • 2 years old: 30
  • 3 years old: 31
  • 4 years old: 39
  • 5 years old: 35
  • 6 years old: 32

Malnutrition : 38%

Normal Body Size : 43%

More than half of children have poor nutrition and suffer significant deficiencies.

Overweight : 19%

Access to schooling for these young children is limited. In the Philippines, school is free from primary (6 years). Kindergartens are paid for. This implies that the poorest children who did not have access to a minimum of education before 6 years old are already in trouble when they enter the school system.

To help these children, the TNK Foundation offers them a daily nursery school in their day centers where they are divided by age group.

This new proposed project will be part of the foundation's “slum children” programs.


  • Respond to an emergency by opening day centers that can accommodate children who need comprehensive support in terms of health, nutrition and daily education.
  • To be able to accompany around 150 children per center in different programs through the work of community workers (parents of slums) supervised by the TNK team.
  • Open nursery classes for children divided by age group.
  • Propose a medical follow-up adapted to each child in connection with the local service.
  • Provide children with balanced daily meals.

Build 2 day centers. During the surveys carried out by the foundation team, 2 places were proposed for setting up the day centers. It still takes a good dose of imagination but these places are well located because of the proximity of the families to accompany.

Launch BASECO’s Toddler Support Program

We therefore offer to help the children of the Baseco slum by funding the launch of this program by building and running 2 day centers in Baseco for one year for about 300 children from 0 to 6 years.

Budget: € 36,000 (launch of 2 centers)

Important precision:

This project in Baseco is new. The budget below is therefore an estimate. This project is directly integrated into the foundation’s “slum children” program. To achieve this budget we based on the expenses incurred for the opening of another TNK center in the slum of Aroma, Tondo. There will surely be changes and readjustment of this budget because the places, constructions and inventories of material needs are in progress.

Project follow up

In the field, the foundation commits itself to follow the projects and to provide to the partner:

  • An annual financial statement. The accounts are audited every year by an audit, carried out by an accredited outside body.
  • An interim report after the opening of the centers (September / October 2016)
  • An annual report with a balance sheet of activities and financial statement (June 2016).

It is the staff of the foundation in Manila (the head of the slum children program, her team, a social worker and a nurse) who will set up day centers, monitoring the construction of the buildings, by setting up activities and monitoring of children.

Through their daily work in the slums, this team will identify the future beneficiaries and the
recruitment and training of “volunteer moms” (“community workers”) who will carry out the activities.

Thank you HELP FOR HOPE Maramant salamat po!




The first day center opened at the end of 2016! Nearly 120 children (0-6 years) are beneficiaries.



Simple trainings in these areas are offered

The room is simple, and is used daily for the reception of children (kindergarten, nutrition and health). Simple trainings in these areas are offered to parents by our staffs and community workers (slum moms involved in the project).



Baseco is an important place

Baseco is an important place in size where the needs are always numerous



Thanks to you

Thanks to you Help for Hope and the generous donations of friends in Switzerland and France we have the necessary funds to open a 2nd center. We are waiting to validate the place where we can build this 2nd day center, it is in very good way!



Thank you!!!

The children form Baseco say: “Thank you so much!!!”



Rina and Gloria

Rina responsible shanty programs and Gloria deputy director



Construction Phases

Construction Phases


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