Hospital’s main surgery room

The first project "Un Canto A La Vida" and Help for Hope engaged on together was the construction of surgery room #4, the centerpiece of the new hospital. The surgery room #4 will measure just over 38 sqm, and will be the largest of four surgery rooms.

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The project

The surgery room #4 (description see above) will be placed on the second floor, hence it is expected to be finalized after installations are in place on the lower floors (plan: 2009). Picture below showing basic structure of the room (early 2008).

Ground-level constructions have been completed at the end of 2006 (see articles), and construction and installation of the surgery room #4 have been undertaken during 2007-2008.

In line with its philosophy of dedicated funds and targeted investments, Help-for-Hope has agreed with the hospital’s management to delay payment of the raised funds until early 2007, when construction has effectively started. These funds have been paid in two milestone payments upon beginning of the construction works.

As a token of recognition for your generous sponsorship, the hospital has offered to place a commemorative plate at the entrance of the surgery room, as soon as it is operational.

Help for Hope's investment

Total costs of surgery room #4 are of USD 202’306. Thereof, USD 179’290 (89%) go to the purchase of medical equipment. For this equipment, the hospital has secured government funding form the Italian and Spanish governments (partially in the context of the “debt-for-social equity” swap for part of Ecuador’s external debt). The remainder USD 23’016 include all other essential works to make the surgery room fully operational (installations, electricity, lighting, finishing works, etc). This is the part Help-for-Hope has engaged to raise funds for. Total amount aimed for (based on past average exchange rates) is CHF 30’000.

Your generous contributions during 2005 have raised CHF 23’245. THANK YOU ! This is an excellent result off-the-bat. Full coverage of the CHF 30’000 amount has been achieved with donations amounting to CHF 6’755 during the first half of 2007.

The results

The surgery room has been inaugurated in 2009, and is now fully operational. It is a centerpiece of the new hospital “Un Canto A La Vida”, and a number of childen’s lives have already been saved!