Day Treatment Center

For children with multiple disabilities and developmental difficulties at early age and their families in Serbia. Direct beneficiaries : 20 children. October 2016 to September 2018

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“IMPULS ” (initiation, providing the initial impetus, realization…), represents the aspiration of the Center for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth from Zvecanska 7, Belgrade, that in the process of de-institutionalisation of social protection in Serbia and the process of its own transformation, which began in the year 2000, contribute to the development of services for children in the local community.

The objectives of the “impuls”:

1. Zadovoljavanje children’s rights to family life and social care.

2. De-institutionalization of the system of care for children and the inclusion of children with special needs in the system of social care and family support possible and accessible.

3. Establishment of sustainable services in the community for children with limited development capacities (and their families).

At Impuls there are now 20 children benefiting from a variety of treatments and daily programs that give individual attention to each child depending on individual needs while benefiting from a strong group environment. Physical therapy, speech therapy, motor and social skill, parents workshops and more are at the core of this program With a very charismatic staff that is always available and that is always learning new skills to give the best attention and support to the children and their families.

Some of the milestones that have been reached during this period with the children and parents:

  • Developing of new skills and knowledge’s in children
  • Progress in motor and physical development or preventing of regression of some functions
  • Emotional and psychological stabilization and behavior accommodation
  • Better communication skills (verbal, non-verbal for lot of the children, or through assistive technology , pictures…) specially in expressing their needs and emotions and socialization through peer group
  • Developing positive emotions in children and playfulness and fun
  • Parents are educated how they can work with children at home, how to recognize children’s needs and cope with different frustrating or particular difficult periods
  • Deepening the bonding and attachment in parents-children relation

Parents are better prepared for transition in kindergartens, they got practical support in dealing with administration papers, advocating for their rights in other state institutions (health, educational, social welfare);

Higher level of confident, worth and competent in parents which is particularly accomplished also through group parents’ meetings (guided self supporting group).

Help for Hope has committed to this great project for two years, the impulse we can offer is of great importance for the life of the beautiful children and their families that can benefit from therapy and support. We see hard work and commitment from the part of the staff and happy times in the centre.

If you want to be part of this wonderful project and give smiles to these kids, please get involved.

Thank You!

We are Petra’s parents and for the past one and a half year our daughter has been receiving treatment in the Daily treatment center “Impuls”. We would like to start by saying a “big thank you” to all of the center’s staff.

After many years of wandering from institution to institution, asking for experts to help us, and constantly getting refused due to our daughter’s epileptic seizures and medical therapy, we can say that Impuls is unique and the only institution that accepted our child without any questions or problems.

Staff is well trained and dedicated to work with children with different developmental difficulties. They are very caring and their efforts are very important as each child learns what they are actually capable of.

What is also very important, is that children are not there just to be safe, but also to learn several different things; for the brief period of time that Petra has been in Impuls, she’s learned a lot of things that we could never had imagined she had the capabilities of.

We believe that these centers are a necessity for both, the children and the parents, because unfortunately these institutions don’t exist here.


Maja & Dejan

  • October 2017
  • September 2017
  • March 2019




1st year of support to Impulse with great achievements for the children receiving treatment all these different goals where achieved: developing of new skills and knowledge in children



“Top Investment in the Future of the Nation – Early Childhood Development (ECD)”

The Conference aimed to connect over 600 participants including high-level policymakers, ECD professionals, academics, practitioners and all others interested in early childhood matters from Serbia and beyond, to share and learn from examples of ECD policies, program and research.



Mission accomplished

Help for Hope has successfully finished partnership with Day Treatment Center. With the hard work of the center kids are ensured top quality treatment.




Thank you for the support in our efforts for social inclusion, well-being of every child and improving quality of life for each family!"

Manager of children home Impulse