Camp for overweight teenagers

The first camp for overweight teenagers was held at La Fouly during the last weekend of September 2012 with 25 teenagers.

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Program for the weekend

Saturday 29th of September

Tents were set up at the Fouly campsite

Learning experience of the path of “Charlotte Marmotte”(link)

Rock climbing

Making fire together for the dinner grill

Film about Jean Troillet’s experience in Himalayas

Discussion between the young people and the climbers

Sunday 30th of September

Breakfast at 8:00

Watch the rain fall and play, talk

Tree-top climbing, lots of fun…

The whole team enjoyed their week-end in the mountaines. The teenagers experienced new sports and learned that they could push their limites! They also made a lot of physical efforts and left very tired…

  • August 2012



Malgré la pluie, ce week-end a été super cool.

Malgré la pluie, ce week-end a été super cool. On avait des superbes personnes qui nous accompagnaient. J’ai adoré l’escalade et j’ai rencontré d’autres jeunes. J’ai adoré ce week-end de camp. Merci beaucoup !!!


J'aime bien le camp parce que c'était dans la montagne, j'ai bien aimé la randonnée. Et la tirolienne c'était hyper bien."

Teenager at the camp