Blue Dragon Teen Girls Empowerment Project

Empowering Rural Women and Girls for a Brighter Future

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Girls Deserve Better

Many women and girls living in rural communities don’t have access to:

  • Education
  • Sexual and reproductive health knowledge
  • Job opportunities
  • Best practices for online safety

These young women can feel pressured to leave school to help their families financially from a young age. As a result, traffickers target them as they know they are vulnerable and looking for better opportunities whether for work or relationships.

The girls and women are fed false promises before being sold into sexual slavery. When they are rescued, it can be difficult for them to return home due to the stigma and discrimination in their communities.

By providing educational support, life skills and mentoring, these girls can have a chance at a brighter future. Thanks to your help, they will be less vulnerable to human trafficking or exploitation. They will be empowered to realise their own worth, to find their voice and have a say in their own futures.

This project aims to support the Girl’s Club at two schools and establish Sanitary Banks at eight schools in northern Vietnam. With a budget of approximately $5000, we will be able to positively impact the lives of 1000 students throughout the year. Each Girl’s Club requires $600 per school, and each Sanitary Bank requires $500 per school. This initiative will not only promote environmental awareness but also enhance reproductive health education among young women.


Together, we are empowering girls by:

  • Organising financial literacy training and career preparation for a better future.
  • Keeping girls in school
    by providing scholarships.
  • Organising youth leadership activities to help girls realise their potential.

Teaching life skills, and sexual and reproductive health education in order to help girls make informed decisions.

Improving the wellbeing of trafficking survivors with supportive therapy to overcome trauma and encourage recovery and growth.


  • Direct Beneficiaries: 1000 students, including 264 girls who actively participated in environmental activities, and many more who will benefit from the reproductive health training and access to sanitary products.
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: Families of students and the broader community who will benefit from increased environmental awareness and improved health education.


Nguyet’s Leadership in Environmental Protection:

Nguyet, a Grade 12 student from a Tai ethnic community, successfully led the “Exchange Garbage for Trees” activity, involving 380 students in collecting 420 kilograms of garbage.

This initiative not only cleaned the community but also raised significant awareness about plastic waste and environmental protection.

Linh’s Reproductive Health Empowerment:

Linh, a female secondary student, shared her positive experience from the reproductive health training, highlighting the importance of these sessions in breaking cultural stigmas and providing essential knowledge.

Budget Allocation:

  • Girl’s Club Support: $1200 (2 schools x $600 each)
  • Sanitary Banks Establishment: $4000 (8 schools x $500 each)
  • Total Budget: $5000


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