Luigi’s Library for Indreni Children’s Home in Kathmandu

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Dear friends,

This special project is in honor of Luigi Costa. It has been selected in close collaboration with Luigi Costa’s wife Stefania, and his sons Francesco and Niccolò.

Led by Ram, founder of Indreni Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal, a new library named “Luigi’s Library” will be put in place for the Shwet Barati School, where all Indreni children receive their education.

Luigi visited Indreni in Kathmandu, and was particularly close to the work Ram – an ex-street child himself – has been doing for street children in Nepal’s capital since more than two decades now.

And inspired by his dad’s involvement, Francesco as well spent one summer in Kathmandu volunteering for Indreni with friends of his!

Shwet Barati School’s education program starts at the grassroots level with a dedicated kindergarten for preschoolers, providing the foundations for their future academic journey.

The reputation of the school within the local community, and its commitment to quality education, has led to a rapid increase in enrollment numbers. The school campus has expanded beyond classrooms to include recreational facilities, such as a basketball court, promoting physical activity and teamwork.

Luigi’s Library is designed to touch the lives of children in need, and stand as a beacon of hope in transforming lives through education. The library will also be available for every child in Kathmandu who wants to make use of it. We invite you to be a part of this beautiful project, and help build a legacy in Luigi’s name.

Donations made to this beautiful project will be doubled (matched) by H4H, until the total project amount is reached.

In the name of Luigi and his family, thank you for your generous participation!


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Budget Summary for Library Setup - Indreni Children's Home

This budget outlines the financial requirements for establishing a well-equipped library at Indreni Children’s Home. The total budget is estimated at Nepalese Rs. 1,862,500. Here is a breakdown of the expenses:

1. Furniture (Book Rack, Display Rack, Table, Bench, etc.):**
– Quantity: 50
– Rate: Rs. 10,500 per unit
– Total Amount: Rs. 525,000

2. Books:
– Quantity: 5,000
– Rate: Rs. 200 per book
– Total Amount: Rs. 1,000,000

3. Library Stationeries (Stickers, Registers):
– Quantity: 5,000
– Rate: Rs. 15 per item
– Total Amount: Rs. 75,000

4. Library Setup (2000 books, coding, leveling, etc.):
– Quantity: 5,000
– Rate: Rs. 10 per item
– Total Amount: Rs. 50,000

5. Library Management Training Trainers (6 days to School team):**
– Quantity: 6
– Rate: Rs. 10,000 per trainer
– Total Amount: Rs. 60,000

6. Training Materials/Handouts:
– Quantity: 1
– Rate: Rs. 40,000
– Total Amount: Rs. 40,000

7. Library Bags (Locally Produced):
– Quantity: 25
– Rate: Rs. 2,500 per bag
– Total Amount: Rs. 62,500

8. Transportation (Books and Furniture):
– Quantity: 1
– Rate: Rs. 50,000
– Total Amount: Rs. 50,000

Grand Total (before VAT): Rs. 1,862,500

Additional Information:
– All prices are in Nepalese Rs.
– 13% VAT is applicable for furniture, setup, training, and library bags.
– TAX/VAT is not applicable on books.
– Library Management Trainer and Library Setup cost do not include transportation, lodging, and food during the stay at the site.


You may send our donations on the link below.

The form is not published.