Annual Blue Dragon Marathon Walk – September 8, 2024

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We extend a special invitation to participate in a meaningful challenge with us this September 8, 2024!

Challenge yourself to a full 42km marathon walk, a 21km half marathon, or a 10km mini marathon walk while raising money for Vietnamese street kids and trafficking survivors! Get your walking shoes ready and register now!  Sign up


Dear friends and athletes,

After a very rainy but joyful day at last years Blue Dragon Marathon walk we want to invite you to be a part of this special challenge once again on September 8, 2024.

Wherever you are in the world you can join in this marathon (half marathon) walk to raise awareness for such an incredible cause. You can either walk/jog a full marathon, a half marathon or 10 km, but you are also free to decide what kind of distance you prefer to walk!  Last year we had friends walking in New Jersey, Boston, London, Bellinzona!


There is no registration fee, but you are free to find sponsors that will donate any kind of amount for the distance you are walking.

If you want to be a part of the Blue Dragon Team, here is all the information you need.

– Full marathon walk: start at 7:30AM in Aigle train station

– Half- marathon walk: start at 11AM in Montreux, by the Freddy Mercury statue

– 10km walk; start at 1PM in St. Saphorin at Le Café des raisins next to the train station.


Timetable of departures from Lausanne gare:

1. – Departure from Lausanne gare: 6:50 (Voie 3)

Arrival in Aigle gare: 7:21

2. – Departure from Lausanne gare: 10:21 (Voie 3)

Arrival at Montreux gare: 10:41

(5- 10 walk to the Freddy Mercury statue)

3. – Departure Lausanne gare: 12:27(Voie 4)

Arrival at St. Saphorin gare: 12:43

(2 min walk to the Café des raisins)


Please check time tables before departure for unexpected changes


The finish line will be the ice cream shop in Lutry port where we will be able to relax, eat a few snacks that will be provided and come together to take pictures! Expected arrival time by 15:00


Please note that during the walk any food and beverages will not be supplied.


Don’t forget to send us any pictures through Facebook of yourself during the walk as they will be posted on our social media!!


We hope you are as excited as we are and we hope to see you very soon!!


Michael Brosowski, founder of Blue Dragon in Vietnam,

An NGO dedicated to save children from human trafficking, has launched the Blue Dragon Marathon Walk challenge in the first place. Here is what he writes:

Wherever you are in the world, you can join in this marathon (or half-marathon) walk and raise money that will send 500 disadvantaged young people to education and training, and help them find jobs. This is especially important this year, given the devastating impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on employment for young people in Vietnam.

Now in its 7th year, this popular event usually takes place in Melbourne Australia along the Merri Creek. This year, given the special circumstances, a “virtual” version is being organized. You still need to walk the distance, but you can do it wherever you are and with whoever you like (taking current restrictions into account).

It’s a great personal challenge, and I will be doing the full marathon walk myself – from a treadmill in Hanoi! It will still be very hot in Vietnam in September, so some of our kids and staff will walk a much shorter course on the day. They’re all getting involved because it’s such a fun and healthy event… and of course it raises money for a very important cause.

Last year, the Marathon raised $113,000 AUD for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to support disadvantaged youth in Vietnam. Knowing how difficult the global situation is, this year Blue Dragon is aiming to raise $50,000… and we will need your help to reach the goal!

For people walking the full marathon, we suggest you aim to raise $500; if you’re walking a half marathon, we suggest a $300 target. But don’t be afraid to stretch yourself and raise more!

It’s a fantastic challenge to walk such a distance. You will feel such a sense of accomplishment, but it does require some preparation and training. And the time to start training is now!

I hope you can join me on this walk for the kids.



Michael Brosowski Founder & co-CEO


Again, to take part, you can choose to walk the full or half marathon or 10k and sign up at ; do your training; ask your friends and family to sponsor you; and, on September 19, let’s walk together!