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7 Reasons why


The 100% principle: 100% of your donations go directly to the project of your choice (all administrative costs are entirely born by the founders)

Investing in social entrepreneurs, not in projects: Help-for-Hope engages only with people on site known and trusted by the association (minimized "intermediary" costs your donations get to destination and make an impact)

Focus on results: Projects are limited in time, and results are visible, real, measurable

Feedback to donors: You get regular feedback on the difference your donation makes

Tax benefit: Your donations are fully tax-deductible (Help-for-Hope is a recognized NGO by Swiss fiscal authorities)

Building on experience: Help-for-Hope builds on multi-year international experience in business, government, multilateral organizations, and non-profit organizations by its founders

The "3 F" factor: Last but not least, Help-for-Hope stands for Fun, Friendship and Fitness!