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Mission: Help-for-Hope's mission is to promote equal opportunities for all children. It focuses on underprivileged children, providing them with opportunities to become agents of a better future.


Three cardinal criteria guide Help-for-Hope's engagement in projects:

Tangible results: Help-for-Hope is for donors who want to see what happens with their money. Help-for-Hope engages only where impact is possible and measurable. It focuses on investments that generate visible results, in a predefined timeframe and with known financial commitment.

Local "champions": Help-for-Hope invests in and through people.Help-for-Hope believes that the success of projects depends on the skills, commitment and passion of the people and/or teams leading the effort on site. It chooses projects exclusively after personal encounters with the people leading these projects.

The "100%" principle: Help-for-Hope is for donors who want all of their contribution to reach destination. With Help-for-Hope, every single donation goes directly to children in need. There are no deductions for administrative costs (which are born entirely by the founders), nor costs associated with intermediaries in recipient countries.


Objectives: Help-for-Hope's prime objective is to generate positive, measurable and sustainable impact in the area of children's relief. Each project will be guided by specific objectives, and its resources invested according to the potential for results. Beyond, the objective of Help-for-Hope is also to increase awareness for children in need, and to foster networks of talented, motivated and dedicated people who wish to make a positive difference in the lives of these children.

Scope: Help-for-Hope is ready to engage in multiple areas, from health to education to community support etc. It also is open to engage in multiple geographies, from "developed" nations, specifically but not only Help-for-Hope's country of residence Switzerland, to "developing" countries, starting from Ecuador, the country of origin of one of Help-for-Hope's founders. Projects will be limited in time, with concrete milestones and objectives. These will be measured and published.

Alliances: Help-for-Hope envisages to achieve its mission through directly engaging in projects, as well as through partnering with certified and credible organisations who are already active on site. Engagement rules can go from providing seed money to local agents (social venture capital model) to full sponsoring of complete projects. In all cases, the partnering organization will be screened and selected through a due diligence process that includes personal encounters with the key executive team members. Help-for-Hope will select and invest in social entrepreneurs who qualify as "champions" in their respective fields.

Sources of funds: in an initial phase, funds will come from various sources, including own funds from the founders as starting capital, as well as donations and possibly membership fees (one-off or regular fees, financial or in kind) from active and honorary members. Project funding will rely heavily on fundraising events, which in an initial phase will be driven by participation in endurance sports events (eg marathons, triathlons, etc). At a later stage, fundraising initiatives can expand to other areas (eg. arts, grants, etc), as well as to corporate sponsorships.