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Want to be part of the team?


Join here!

It's fun, it's cool, it's adrenaline, AND it's for a great cause! Team members race to raise awareness! Joining is easy:

  1. Let us know which race or endurance event - competitive or popular - you intend to participate in (either one of your own, or join one planned by team-members)
  2. You will receive the Help-for-Hope logo
  3. Send us pictures from the event. At least one picture will have
  4. You displaying the logo (on your T-Shirt, on a banner, etc) while
  5. Participating in the event
  6. Your story will appear on Help-for-Hope's website

And to spice it up, Help-for-Hope will draw a cool prize amongst all active team members at the end of the year. Stay tuned for more info...

We much look forward to welcoming you to the team. Children most welcome!!


IRINA Montalvo (Ecuador)